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Hospital for the people in Sakraili, Bihar

Sakraili, Bihar, India

Project in numbers

 Allopathy WardHomeopathy Ward
No. of beds for in-patients 20 n/a
Total no. of out-patient visits  4800 7500
Average no. of out-patients visits (daily)  16 25
No. of doctors 2  2
No. of nurses and other employees 10  2
No. of operations 150 n/a
No. of operations USD 57’000 USD 9’000

Current Activities

India’s health system is organized on state level. Although the health system in the country side has improved a lot over the years, there is still a big difference between the health care in the countryside and in the cities. A lot of villages have no access to medical facilities. Bad hygienic conditions and missing access to clean drinking water and sanitary installations as well as malnourishment worsen the situation. Sakraili is one such village in the state of Bihar. Bihar itself is one of the poorest and least developed states in India. Sakraili is no exception.

The last years with the COVID pandemic have precariously worsened the situation in the state of Bihar and communities like Sakraili. We can never forget the horror images of people suffocating in front the hospitals in Delhi. Still today, a large number of people there are denied access to medical care. While our hospital (built in 2008) brought lifesaving improvements to the region, it's capacity is not sufficient for the highly populated region, especially with the additional COVID patients. 

This is why AMURT (International) will start an expansion of the hospital in cooperation with Foundation LIFE FOR ALL. A modern hospital with 100 beds, 50 nurses and 40 doctors is planned. In addition to the hospital, staff quarters are to be built so that adequate medical care can be guaranteed at all times.

For this project we are dependent on institutional donations so that we can start construction as soon as possible. The planning is well advanced. Now we need the financial security. 


Help us build now



For a long time, Sakraili and the surrounding villages (that are situated in the district of Katihar) have not known any medical assistance, and those who have, have experienced poorly equipped and understaffed medical care. This is why AMURT (International) initiated a medical project in Sakraili in 1998. With the aid of our Swiss and German donors we were able to put up a small pharmacy and a small medical center. With more donations over the years, the medical center was extended into a hospital and was inaugurated in 2008. Today the hospital consists of an Allopathy Ward and a Homeopathy Ward and is equipped with the following facilities:

  • Well equipped laboratory
  • Modern operation theatre
  • X-Ray, ECG (Electrocardiograph), C-Arm
  • Ultrasound, Echocardiography
  • Well stocked pharmacy
  • Ozone- and Physiotherapy facilities
  • 15 beds for in-patients
  • Well established Homeopathy Ward

The following diseases can be treated at the hospital:

  • Appendicectomy
  • Herniorraphy
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Cyst removal (different types)
  • Spenic aspiration
  • Abdominal paracentesis
  • Treatment of simple fractures
  • Normal (birth) deliveries

In the beginning of 2010 the hospital received from AMURT (International) an ozone therapy device – that was donated from a Swiss hospital – and an X-Ray-C-Arm.

Since November 2009 the hospital has started getting small money from registration fees, sale of medicine and from pathological tests. This covers about 20% of the operational costs. Our goal is that the hospital will become one day self sustainable.

The hospital has again organized in 2010 an operation camp for free eye operations and other small medical surgery. About 1’500 patients received a free or subsidized check up and free medicine.


We have received a positive indication from the Government of India that it will also support the operation camp in the future. There is a high possibility that AMURT (International) will enter into a partnership with a local NGO for programs like polio eradication and supply of vaccinations.

In 2010 the hospital has been empanelled for a project called BPL (Operation and Surgery for Patients BELOW POVERTY LINE). This is a project of the Government of India which gives a card holder free treatment at the hospital. All costs (like medicine, cost for operation etc.) will then be reimbursed by an insurance company to the hospital. This program will start in April 2011. With the start of this program we expect a growth in number of patients – one more step towards self-sustainability.



Project Duration

Project Start


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