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Children's home in Sakraili, Bihar

Sakraili, Bihar, India

Project in numbers

No. of orphans 15
No. of caretakers 2
Total operational costs 12’000 USD

Current Activities

Bihar is among the least developed states of India: people are poor and vulnerable to sickness and death. Children who lost their parents have to provide for themselves.

With the COVID pandemic claiming many lives everywhere in the world, in the poorly developed region of Bihar, the numbers of orphaned children has skyrocketed. The existing children’s home in Sakraili built in 2005, offering a place to 15 children, is too small to help in such crisis.

For this reason, we have started the construction of the extension to the children's home, which will enable 50 children to live and grow up safely in the future. The construction of the new children's home is progressing rapidly and we would like to make the house ready for occupancy as soon as possible.

To finanlise and maintain the new children’s home, we are relying on donations.


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The story of Sonu

sonu childrens home smallMy name is Sonu. I am 12 years old and have the great fortune to grow up in the children's home in Sakraili. I attend the 7th grade. My parents died and could not take care of me. Now I look at the construction site next to the children's home every day. I am very much looking forward to the children who will soon live here in safety and who, like me, will be able to eat every day and go to school.

Thanks to your great help, life here in Sakraili will be brighter and more beautiful for many children. For that I am eternally grateful to you.



In 2005, AMURT (International) bought land to build an orphanage. Due to difficult circumstances and limited funds the construction developed only slowly. In September 2007 the children’s home was finished and was inaugurated by Mr. Bhola Sah, programme director of AMURT(International) and Mr. Wilfried Mende, presidentof AMURT (International).

Today the building consists of two dormitories (one for girls, one for boys), a bathing and a washing room, a kitchen, a recreation room and a room for the two care takers. Today the home offers a place to 15 children, aged between 5 and 12. All 15 children are orphans.

From the school and the hospital that AMURT runs, the children also benefit from school education and health care.

old children's home 

the old children's home of Sakraili built in 2005

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