CoVid-19 Support for Sakraili

The state of Bihar was in one of the most strict and inhuman types of lock down from March to May, and times again after that, as CoVid-19 is spreading quickly.

In a region where people depend on the ability to find work every day including sundays, hoping to provide just enough food to their families for the day, police is patrolling the streets, forcing people to stay at home, at all cost.

People in these areas are very poor. Families of 7 to 10 people sleep in the same room with no option of social distancing. Rapidly increasing hunger as well as Lack of hygiene leaves them with nothing to fight the spreading coronavirus. 

Help us provide food and medical care to Sakraili - every day counts!

AMURT International is the only NGO present in the village surroundings. Despite the difficult circumstances due to travel restrictions and markets closed down, our representatives can deliver food packages as well as hygiene articles directly to the families in need.

The Sakraili medical centre and Hospital, built by AMURT in 2008, is the only chance for medical treatment for most of the area’s inhabitants. The facility urgently needs more doctors to grant medical care for the most affected people in this crisis.

Your donation empowers us to provide lifesaving emergency support where it is most needed.








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